Betimes Solutions Co., Ltd. has been established in January 2005 with 30 Million Baht paid up capital. We are Type A Consultancy Firm Number 2100 in Communication, Information Technology Area according to the Prime Minister on Procurement Act 2535 and Article 75 as amended. Moreover, the Company has received the manufacturing process. The awards are as follows.

  • 2008 : CMMI Level 2
  • 2008 : TQS Award
  • 2009 : SME Thailand Award in Software and Application
  • 2010 : Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • 2010 : Microsoft Partner Award 2010 for Business Intelligence Award
  • 2010 : Hall of Fame 2010 Award from Software Park, Thailand
  • 2010 : Certificate from Redemptorist Vocational School for Disabled, Pataya for hiring disabilities
  • 2011 : CMMI Level 3
  • 2011 : Microsoft Partner Award 2011 for Business Intelligence Award
  • 2011 : Award of “Workplace for disability” from Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Thailand
  • 2012 : Microsoft Partner Award 2012 for Business Intelligence Award
  • 2014 : Disability jobs creative Award
  • 2014 : Thaitelecentre.org  website from  Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
  • 2014 : Award of “ Private organization supporting disability”
  • 2015 : CMMI Level 3 in Software Development and Maintenance Services 2nd renew. With funding from Industrial Technology Assistance Program : ITAP
  • 2015 : CMMI Level 3 (2nd renew), certified by Carnegie Mellon, Software Engineering Institute



We are “ a Happy Workplace Organization”
the leader of building
“Information Power” for customers

Business philosophy

Propose appropriate Information Technology systems with standard and advance technology to each customer, in order to minimize any operation mistake, increase productivity including support for executive decision-making.

  • Maintain existing customers and expand customer in domestics and international
  • Accredit for working process and delivery from domestics and international organizations
  • Develop common skill and technical skill for our employee to be able to perform working effectively and also get customer requirements
  • Maintain ratio of disability staff for at least 5% with CSR activities


Our Concepts


Creative workspace

95% of staff using notebook for streamline working, so they can work mobility in any workspace such coffee corner, meeting room for brainstorming


Relationship building activities annually

Provide activity relationships for employees within the organization such as Annual outing.  This is to build morale and reflect a focus on employees as a part of the organization.



In addition to the “social welfare” here we have a “medical expenses” to the employees. Since we became aware of the importance of health and the importance of treatment when sick.


Dinner together

The philosophy that we live together as brotherhood cultural “Eating dinner together” for the brothers to come together to share stories and experiences encountered and laughing together


Relex Sone

This area is for eyes resting, drinking coffee, reading books for relaxing


Work out

Balancing between Health and work, we focus on this, we have provided a Fitness room for employees to exercise after work at the company and even encourage employees gathered to play football, badminton after work as well. In addition to the health and it is also about building relationships with other organizations.


Co-Working Space

We have working area for Start Up who join working with the company such as university students or other people who interest including group of people or CSR organization using without charging money.


Vegetable garden at the terrace

The intention is to provide employees with Organic vegetables eaten at the company or collect them to eat at home. So he has started growing vegetables on the deck and using IoT (Internet of Thing) apply to our garden. Besides, the 5th floor terrace is a relax zone with easy atmosphere.