Cognitive Service

This solution is focus for intelligent system, Machine Learning and Natural Language respond to users. Therefore, the products in Cognitive Service group has a sub-group as

1 : Big Data Analysis
2 : Foresight Platform or forecasting system using Big Data technology
3 : Thai Natural Language Processing Knowledge

Social Media Analytic

Thai language processing in social media as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, News and commnities

1 : Watch and follow specific suspect channel

2 : Show main and supplement keywords search with ordering by importance keyword

3 : Sentiment analytics to show that the contents are in positive/negative

4 : Keyword Extraction of Thai language such as Name, Location, Age, Alias, Organization, Products, Brands


Normally, transaction processes through intermediaries often such as international fund transfer, bank fund transfer. Would it be better, in the future, we can do any transaction without pass through intermediaries. For this kind of technology, nobody would not know Blockchain, so what is blockchain?

Blockchain is data collection technology, to control every data collection or transactions, which grow continuously without passing through intermediaries and could be verify.


Pattern Analytics

Recent domestic and international situations, transnational terrorism threat, Smuggling drugs, Human trafficking, The destruction of natural resources Financial crime, Cyber Attack, this trend is deteriorating day by day and adjustments to the more modern.

These threats affects the daily life of people in the society, political stability of the country, social economy, security for Science and Technology.

The responsibility and authority of the state in the field of law enforcement and maintain the stability of the country, recognizing the importance of the threat occurred, risk assessment to contribute to the planning policy. In order to protect the data analysis and ordered the State agencies involved Accountability and performance in mission together effectively.



Prepare for the benefits of the organization as

1 : Prioritization of data that needs to be recognized.
2 : Easy to Search
3 : Create clarity on sharing
4 : Update information up to date at all times
5 : Encourage knowledge sharing within the organization
6 : Facilities for working together as a team, collection The teams (Team Site), Knowledge Sharing such as blog, forum, wiki and e-learning, or Instant Messaging which support Video call are needed for all internal communications
7 : Access anywhere and any times
8 : Reflects our corporate values

Cloud Security Solution & Service

For the rebirth and growth of infrastructure related to IoT produced a lot to work with IT Application, to meet the needs of business applications with Web Application Technology, business needs, and business practices, the project implementation period is different as well as the development team and different technologies. These standards should be taken to secure hard to manage those projects and this can cause weakness in IT security such as loss of customer data, enterprise information and business information, etc. and this includes security threats in cyber world has grown enabling businesses face a higher risk too.